Possibilities for your success

SimpleTicket offers many options and extra possibilities to make the sale of tickets successful

Ticket options

Many options provide convenience

Automated ticket shop

Set once and you're done

Group tickets

One ticket for the whole group or individual tickets

Bingo cards

For online and offline bingo

Starting numbers

Issue bib numbers automatically


Advanced discount module


Effortless regardless of situation

Event Branding

Everything in the house style of your event

Clear reports

Simple and complete insight

Comprehensive scan app

SimpleTicket Scanner is the most comprehensive scanning app available

Built for conversion

Our ticket shop is optimized for all devices and contributes to a high conversion

24/7 Support for ticket buyers

There is never a reason to panic again

Integrations and connections

Sell lockers effortlessly


Automate email marketing


We do safe resale together

Unique from SimpleTicket
Your turnover immediately

Never wait for payouts

SimpleTicket Wallet

Our own ticket app on the phone

Virtual queue

Fair chance for every fan to buy tickets

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