How many tickets do you sell per year?

> 5000 tickets

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Depending on how many tickets you sell per month, different rate scales apply.

Tickets (per month) Rate
1 - 1500 € 0,65
1501 - 3000 € 0,60
> 3000 € 0,56
Barcode tarief* € 0,20

*) The barcode rate is charged for ticket batches where a barcode list is generated, passe-partout resets, securely resold tickets and tickets sent free of charge that fall outside the fair use policy.

A simple calculation example: if you sell 2000 tickets in a month, you pay us:
1500 x € 0,65 = € 975,00
500 x € 0,60 = € 300,00
Total € 1.275,00.

Rates are exclusive of VAT if applicable. SimpleTicket provides the service from the Netherlands and adheres to the regulations regarding the charging of VAT.

Costs Payment Service Provider
Because you have your own connection with a Payment Service Provider (PSP), you pay them the costs for the payment methods used. The PSP deducts these costs from the payout. On average, an iDEAL payment costs a maximum of € 0.30 (excluding VAT). These costs apply once per order and of course not per ticket.

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