Event Protect

Automatically insured against cancellation.

SimpleTicket is a Member of Event Protect and has integrated the Event Cancellation insurance of Event Protect completely into its platform. This means that as a promotor, you can choose per event to activate Event Protect to automatically insure every sold ticket real-time agains cancellations covered by Event Protect.

Event Protect offers the most comprehensive cancellation insurance for risks that are:

  • Beyond the control of the event organiser and SimpleTicket; and
  • Not listed in the event cancellation insurance policy exclusion list

Examples include, but are not limited to: adverse weather conditions, key event supplier failure, transport failure causing a cancellation, breakdown of key equipment etc.

As a promotor you pay a premium 4.5% of the ticket turnover. This premium is also depending on the yearly turnover volume you reach. SimpleTicket invoices this premium monthly afterwards, just like the costs for the tickets sold.

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Should it happen that an event to which the Event Protect Scheme applies is being canceled, postponed, abandoned or curtailed, we will automatically inform ticket buyers by e-mail. This e-mail then contains all information (and link(s)) to request the refund.

Ticketbuyers will receive their refund, up to the full paid amount including fees, within 7 up to a maximum of 14 days into their bank account.

As a promotor, you keep the received revenue and don't have to look after the handling of any claim. Event Protect and SimpleTicket take care of claim handling completely.

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