In most cases, artists are key players at an event. With our artistlist module, the artist handling becomes a lot easier.

In our backoffice you easily add artists to your event and to each artist you can assign up to three authorizations. The artist will receive an e-mail with barcode and instructions, with which they can register themselves at the artist entrance. By scanning the barcode in the e-mail, the artist can be checked in with a personal greeting and, for instance, the correct wristbands can be handed out.

The check-in also mentions at which stage the artist will perform, so that it will be easy to call the correct runner to have the artist guided to the backstage.


Accreditation by e-mail

The artist receives the accreditation(s) by e-mail, with instructions and a barcode. By this the artist will know what to expect in advance.


With the barcode, the artist is being checked in easily. No barcode at hand? The list with artists is always available on screen to search.