Offering bus tours? For that especially we have a busticket option. When you choose this option and turn off other options, the ticket clearly mentions that it is a busticket. If you desire, you can combine this option of course with entrance or combiticket. In that way you can offer a bustour, entrance and drink-/foodtokens using one ticket.


Drink-/foodtokens, renting out lockers or selling merchandise using tickets? No problem with the Combiticket option. You can turn on this option in combination with entrance or just use it separately. This option is being scanned separate on the place where for instance tokens can be picked up. This makes it possible to easily sell an entrance ticket with tokens without any possibility for fraud, because scanning is being done separately from each other.


With our parking tickets you can make it extra easy for your visitors and crew. Visitors do not have to pay for a parking spot in line, which saves quite some time. Your crew does not have to carry cash money (security) or card payment devices. The extra turnover that is being generated in advance can be used for your event. Of course, if you like, you can combine this option with other options.


Our tickets are available as PDF and Apple Wallet ticket. Our scanners are able to scan easily from a smartphone, so that printing tickets is not required any longer.

Fraud impossible

Every ticket has a unique barcode. Every extra option like Busticket, Combiticket or Parkingticket can be scanned only once. Fraud is therefore impossible.