Categories and Ticketproducts

Within SimpleTicket you can easily create an unlimited amount of categories and ticketproducts. In that way you can show your products in the ticketshop exactly as you like it.

In the ticketshop the categories that have been created are shown as a heading with the ticketproducts right beneath it. You could think about Entrance, Tokens, Lockers, Parking tickets etcetera.

Our platform also has an inventory system, in which you set the amount of tickets available at maximum. If needed, you can change these numbers later on to add or deduct available tickets. This prevents that more tickets will be sold than there should be available actually.

You can also set a maximum tickets per order for each ticketproduct, which can help in reducing ticketbuyers buying up tickets at once and selling them on the second hand market for way higher rates.


You can easily set the sorting order in which the categories and ticketproducts are being shown in the ticketshop.

Automatic sale

By setting a start- and enddate for the ticketsale for each ticketproduct, ticketproducts are being shown automatically in the ticketshop. Set them once and you don't have to look after it anymore.