For guests and relations, think about press and sponsors, SimpleTicket offers a unique guestlist module.

Send your guests a professional invitation by e-mail with a unique barcode, with which they can register at the guest entrance. In that way your guests don't have to get in line at the regular entrance and can be greeted more personally on arrival.

Receiving the same guests more often? Our self-registration portal is a perfect tool for that, your guests can register themselves for the guestlist after which you only need to approve or reject the request.

Forget about guestlists on paper and last-minute additions written with a pen. You can decide completely which accreditations there will be and which will be assigned to a guest.

Accreditatie per e-mail

Your guest receives an confirmation by e-mail with instructions and a barcode. You can change this e-mail completely to your demands.


With the barcode, your guest is checked in easily. No barcode at hand? The full list with guests is always on screen for a quick search.