Sell tickets offline

Selling tickets offline, for instance at the door of an event, can be done easily with our point of sale module. This module in our backoffice provides the possibility to easily select ticketproducts and have them paid, after which tickets are being generated and printed immediately.

Printing tickets can be done in several paper formats, like A4, A6 and A7. This last format is perfectly suited for thermal receipt printers, so that tickets can be printed even quicker.

With the right settings, the module is used in full screen and tickets will roll out of the printer automatically. You don't have to install anything and of course you can use our devices with touchscreens and receipt printers.



Our point of sale module is optimized for touchscreens. Of course, we can offer these during your event.


SimpleTicket has several receipt printers available which you can use free of charge for the ticket sales at the door during your event.